FOX 25: New documentary gives real look at Oklahoma soldiers at war

New documentary gives real look at Oklahoma soldiers at war

MOORE, Okla. (KOKH) — A new film will let you see first-hand what our soldiers went through overseas. The documentary took footage from helmet cams to tell the story of the Oklahoma National Guard’s 45th Infantry Brigade Combat team serving in Afghanistan in 2011.

Citizen Soldier premiered at the Moore Warren Theater Sunday and play in limited release starting August 5th.

“Its really hard for infantry guys and guys who have served on the front lines, men and women in uniform, to have seen some of the things that we’ve seen, to adequately tell that in words,” Eran Harrill a producer and solider in the film said. “But whenever you can show something with pictures, like they say a picture is worth a thousand words, you can’t deny what your eyes are seeing if its real.”

The real images combat team came from their helmet cams. Harrill said after he came back to Oklahoma from his deployment, he found the footage and wanted to compile it into a story. He enlisted the help of film makers who worked on another front line documentary, The Hornet’s Nest.

“We felt compelled to make it so the public can know what these young men and women do for us overseas,” said David Salzburg, co-director and producer of the film.

“Seeing the bullets fly past them and them fighting for their lives, these soldiers are real heroes to me,” said Audrey Leehan Brasee, whose fallen husband was featured in the film.

As the film premiered, person after person on the red carpet said there is a misconception that guardsmen are just “weekend warriors” who only serve a few weeks a year.

In 2011, we saw the largest deployment of Oklahoma guardsmen ever. Thousands fought in Iraq and Afghanistan for months.

Not all of them made it back.

“There’s times when I just want to sit by myself and cry but in all actuality I’m glad and honored to be a part of it and for them to expose what the National Guard, what they actually do,” said the wife of fallen soldier Mycal Prince, Surana.

The film will play in four theaters nationwide for one week starting Friday. In Oklahoma City, showings will play at AMC Quail Springs.

On August 30, the movie will be available through video on-demand services.

Proceeds from the film premiere went to “Warriors for Freedom.” The organization is based out of Oklahoma City and helps soldiers after they return home.

“We very much believe in the film. I don’t think anyone will walk away disappointed. It’s a raw footage and it gives you a raw view of what it looks,” Amber Moulder with Warriors for Freedom said.

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